Vivek Vikash Prakalpa

  • At present, there are 240 students studying in five free coaching centres ( Rupacherra, Boundary Carbi Punjee, Chalitacherra, Anandakhal and Ghutghuti), the entire expenditure being borne by Sevashrama. The GAP model is tried to follow for the physical, mental and intellectual development of the children. Periodically refreshments, toiletry items, educational items and sports kits are supplied. Also every year with the presence of our monastic members annual festivals are organized at those places with financial assistance from the local Tribal people and Sevashrama.

  • It is to mention that some of our current GAP units were under the Vivek Vikash Prakalpa scheme in past. Providing education at those places is challenging task indeed. It is needless to mention that with proper help we can sustain the service towards the tribal community in a greater extent.

A major part of the inhabitants living in Cachar and its surrounding districts belongs to Tribal community. Since its early days, Sevashrama has always stepped forward for the welfare of those Tribal nara rupi narayana. The Students’ Home for Tribal boys is our main vehicle for communicating with the Tribal people. In spite of local schools established by Govt. and initiatives taken by several NGOs, children of Tribal community residing at remote areas are unable to receive proper light of education. To overcome this scenario, Sevashrama has taken the initiative to run Free Coaching Centres at those remote areas which are in complete social, cultural and economic isolation from main source of the country.