Tribal Welfare

Hostel for Tribal Boys:

ONE OF THE REVOLUTIONARY teachings of Sri Ramakrishna was ‘Serve the jiva as Shiva’. Whenever an opportunity presented itself, he was ready to serve people. He served many suffering, famine-stricken people with food and clothing at a village called Deoghar when he was on his way to Benares and Vrindavan. His famous disciple, Swami Vivekananda, would feed the poor tribal (Santhal) labourers engaged in construction work at Belur Math with such joy that he would shed tears, remarking, ‘I have today fed the true Narayanas.’ This grand legacy left by the founders of the Ramakrishna Mission later found expression in its various beneficial activities during disasters like famine, flood, fire and riot, and also in combating ills like poverty, illiteracy, and different kinds of suffering. One such activity is its work among the tribal community of India.

With the motive of helping the poor but meritorious boys of good habits, physique and character a Students’ Home was started by the Sevashrama. Quoting from the Annual Report for 1952-1954, “Our Students’ Home has been in existence for over 25 years. We therein admit boys of Character and endeavor to give them social, moral and spiritual training along with their studies. Our aim is to protect the young boys from unhealthy association and to help them in uplifting their character as they march on the path of education by setting them to a regular and disciplined routine of life.” The Annual Report for 1944-1947 says that in spite of heavy odds which war and successive natural calamities like floods created, the Students’ Home continued its journey by the grace of The Divine Mother. During its early days paying students were also allowed at the hostel. In 1966, Swami Kshyantananda Ji joined this Sevashrama as its Secretary and since then the Students’ Home was fully reserved for the poor Tribal Boys from classes VI to X. Thousands of students from Cachar, Hailakandi, Tripura and Mizoram have gotten opportunities to continue their study staying at this Students’ Home. Many of those students are now well established. At present students from Srikona, Khasia Punjee, Chodla Punjee of Hailakandi, Riflemara, Nunai, Ghatmura, Khasia Punjee of Rupacherra, Sonacherra, Orang Punjee, Joynagar, Lakhipur get the opportunities to study here. With our limited financial resources and some grant-in-aid from Government, at present, free food, lodging and medical treatment are provided for the students. At present there are 70 students in the Students’ Home most of which belong to different tribal communities like Dimasa, Khasia, Orang, Tripura, Chakma, Halam, Barman, Reang etc.

Rules and Regulations of Hostel:

• Class V passed S.C. and S.T. Tribal Students are only eligible for admission.
• The admission procedure is conducted on the basis of intellect, character and physique of the student, financial condition of the family, social and geographical position of birth place etc.
• At the end of each academic year at the schools affiliated to Govt. of Assam, the Sevashrama authority conducts an admission test on a pre-announced date. The names of the selected students are declared within very short period of time.